Monday, August 30, 2010

Such a slacker...

So I've been sewing and neglectful...let's catch up.

My Frock by Friday took 3 Fridays to make.  Now it's definitely not because it was all that difficult but more so because I was all that lazy.  It started as a project for my mom or sister but I quickly realized that yet again, I'd misjudged my size.  Consequently I also misjudged my height and instead of a Frock by Friday, I ended up with a Tunic for Tuesday (what better way for me to show my two fat knees)...

Biggest regret is that the print and texture of this material can't be seen in these pics but more to come shortly.  Either way, I now have a basic pattern to tinker around with.  Sadly, this dress will be deconstructed into a skirt of some sorts (too much airspace in the backside area---see below)

Now for some reason, this picture is not playing up to my svelte 5'10" inch Amazonian goodness and I look like a pale cheetah stump. SMH.  ANYWHOO...notice the bunching above the posterior.  This is where a belt SHOULD be applied but when one gets scissor happy, one forgoes the benefit of wonderful accessories.

So for a first go round, I'm not entirely disappointed but I'll definitely do a few things differently the next time.  1. I'll be using a neckline facing for a cleaner finish. 2. The hem will be gifted with an additional 2" and finally (for now) C. A little shape will be given to the torso area.  That's all for now.  Amazonout.

So you can definitely see where this started to go strong breeze and the Whoo Ha is exposed on page 12.

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