Thursday, July 29, 2010

Starting again...

So I've decided to REALLY take this sewing thing seriously.  Just have to find that perfect balance of time between work, fun, sleep and sewing (YEAH RIGHT!!!).  Stay tuned for the insanity.

My lovely creative bully Ms. Abigail Ekue ( captured the essence of the night (I just snuck in as a part of her "learning curve".

Finally a plus sized sack dress...I know, I know...who wants ANOTHER plus sized shapeless garment.  Ummmm (hand raised here--speaking in an embarrassingly loud voice) ME!!!! All the better to show the beauty of a nice elasic belt.

My personal favorite view.  This was the end of the night.  By that time, I'd popped a couple of stitches in my ruffle so the neckline started to droop juuuust a bit.  Worked for me though! :-)